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The essential look of the bathroom.

cocina qi scavolini


Nendo / Oki Sato

The design concept is to “make the environment disappear” in two objects in search of absolute design freedom: a container, an object with a unique design, and an essential-looking wooden shelf (Qi in Japanese also means container and wood ) for configurations suitable for any type of environment.

Two warm and exclusive wood effect decorative melamine (Olmo Hono and Olmo Kuuki) fully dress the compositions or can also be combined with other finishes from the Scavolini range.

Qi Scavolini Bathrooms: to satisfy the need for an always current design, without sacrificing the well-being of functionality.

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Characteristics of the model

Door to 45º

Separate container and towel rack

Container with lid

Shelf with built-in faucet

Shelf with hole for light

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